Is Dance an Effective Therapy for Cerebral Palsy?

January 2, 2010



The New York Times recently ran a story of a 31 year –old with cerebral palsy and his remarkable response to dance lessons and muscle relaxation techniques…

Is Dance an Effective Therapy for Cerebral Palsy?

By Justine van der Leun

Photo: Andrea Mohin, The New York Times/Redux

Gregg Mozgala, a 31-year-old actor, used to feel inhibited by his cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that occurs when a child’s brain is damaged before the age of two and afflicts a million Americans — most often in the form of poor coordination, weak muscles, and compromised posture. But with a load of determination and the help of an unconventional choreographer [Tamar Rogoff], Mozgala is now set to star in an hour-long dance piece in New York City. “I have felt things that I felt were completely closed off to me for the last 30 years,” Mozgala told The New York Times. “The amount of sensation that comes through the work has been totally unexpected and is really quite wonderful.” While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, Mozgala’s success suggests that a change in approach to the condition can translate into a change in the lives and capabilities of sufferers.

AOL picked up the story and interviewed their Medical Director, Dr. Mindy Aisen, about its potential usefulness as a therapy to improve function in individuals with CP. (Source: http://cpirf.org/stories/category/cp-news)
The full story is below:
For related info, please click:
From the New York Times report itself with the video showing Gregg Mozgala and Tamar Rogoff, please click:

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