Independent Filmmaker’s Privilege

December 30, 2009


Filmmaking involves personal choices and decisions. The artist’s freedom to choose and decide is an independent filmmaker’s privilege that I am enjoying to the max. I feel privileged—privileged as there is no producer to tell me what to do—what to put, what will sell, what bores him to death so better delete it, etc., etc…

I have my creative freedom to focus on anything that I want to give importance to, as anyone can have their freedom to do their own thing. I cannot be obliged to see what others see or want to see. Let me tell the world that no individual, no school, no institution, no sponsor, no producer has ever commissioned me to do any of my advocacy films. All my films are personal dreams realized. Build your own dream!

My odyssey shall silently continue…new people to meet along the way…new friends…new knowledge to acquire…a whole new world to enter…new personal mission to accomplish for the greater good.

My films are vehicles to express and share my thoughts with. The audience are my passengers. And if you happen to journey with me as one of my film’s passengers, understand that your angle of view as we travel together shall differ because your story, history and experiences are different from mine.

From autism world, to the world of the  Deaf, I have  now moved on to the world of the Cerebral Palsied…In particular, SO traces not mine shall stay on however, to haunt others perhaps for what they call its lack. But to many others—whether Deaf or hearing, the film beyond trivialities shall certainly be a milestone, if not, a source of inspiration.

I have written this to serve as my personal treatise on the subject of non-inclusion, little, or no exposure in my films, and all the films in the future that I am dreaming of producing as there are still lots that I want to do. This is therefore addressed to all those who presently harbor or unfortunately will harbor the sentiments or grudges of feeling “insignificant” for not being included in my “travel” which is a very personal and an independent endeavor anyway. It is never my wish nor my liking to make anyone feel that way. They unfortunately chose to wallow in it reminding me of a quotation which states that: “It is not what happens to us that is the problem. It is our attitude towards what is happening to us that is the problem.”

(For the full article, see Page “A Treatise on “Exclusion” on the right column)


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  1. I cannot believe this will work!

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