Film Editor’s Responsibility Limit

December 20, 2009

Last night, I went to a great, grand, wonderful wedding…a joyous one indeed! But my night was spoiled when the AVP that we prepared lost the sound that should have played at the end of it. Had it been wise for us to stop the showing? No! it wasn’t. What right have we got to do that anyway??? Have we that right? No! No! we don’t… A film editor’s work officially stops upon the film’s approval. Its projection is outside the responsibility of a film editor. Besides, who would want something like that to happen to a work you’ve spent time and many sleepless nights over, and one done with so much love and labor??? It was never to our liking. It was a most undesirable thing to happen! But it did happen. The moral lesson? Testing of sound and picture should have been done earlier.

Anyway, this afternoon, I will spend my first Christmas celebrations with Deaf friends, and day after, with Three Seasons if time permits us — being with them, I am sure would help offset or dispel the feeling of upset that I still harbor… but this things happen and I know shall pass.


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