Déja vu_BenCab Museum

December 6, 2009

Writer-friend Janus Victoria and I took the opportunity to visit BenCab Museum last November 18, a place  one should not miss seeing. I had scheduled showing of Silent O the following day, November 19 at CAP Auditorium [See SO’s Last Quarter Trail posting dated November 30]. We just dropped our things at Veniz Hotel [cozy and strategically placed hotel at reasonable price] when we reached Baguio City at noon time, and proceeded to the Museum some 10-15 minutes ride from the city. We wanted to meet BenCab but we knew all along that he wouldn’t be there because I met with Ms. Annie Sarthou some four or five days back to give her the DVDs and the master tape of “BenCab’s Haven,” the coverage of the museum’s inauguration shot by Kuya Romy Vitug that I edited.

From the last jeepney stop, we had to walk a few more steps down the road to reach the Museum located at Km. 6 in Asin. It was cloudy and the climate was just right for me as the cold didn’t chill me to death unlike the experiences that I had in the past, being a tropical creature who landed in Tokyo and Paris where I felt how it was like to be a frozen fish inside a ref’s chiller.

“Déja vu” literally! [French phrase meaning “already seen”, and it refers to the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. From “Wikipedia”] Editing “BenCab’s Haven” made me familiar to almost all the nooks and corners of the Museum, from the very sight of the entrance to the building which is actually the fourth floor of the Museum. However, physically being “in” it was still totally different from just seeing the actual place via footages. The senses of touch [actual artworks which of course I didn’t literally touch but have seen the textures and perceived them], smell [coffee smell was dominant, at least for me, and fresh air of course; I can distinguish between Manila and provincial “smell” I guess because of unpolluted air], sight [beautiful paintings, traditional arts and crafts, some sculpted works and greeneries outside], hearing [the calm breeze, sound of the water gushing down the river streams, chirping birds from the aviary and the surroundings], and taste, yes! as there was Cafe Sabel where we had our merienda after enjoying seeing the sights inside and outside of the Museum. I enjoin you then to tour with me through some of the many photos that I shot [some others courtesy of Janus. Visit her facebook album for more].

(For more photos, click “BenCab Museum Garden” under FILM RESPITE on the right column).

To visit BenCab’s website, click bencabmuseum.org

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