Speech Pathologists sponsor Silent O at UP CAMP

November 21, 2009

Honestly, I wondered how come students of Speech Pathology preferred to show Silent O over Alyana, my film on autism knowing how directly involved they would be to persons with autism when they start to work. In addition, Silent O slants on Deaf as cultural-linguistic minority group not on pathological or medical viewpoint that they are physically disabled.  To know from Liw Caldito that SEADC would be the beneficiary of the proceeds made it understandable to me. Weeks before that, someone from the UP Manila Speech Pathology group emailed me but they never mentioned anything about SEADC. They just asked what films on PWDs are available. I even told Liw about it not knowing that they were the same group Liw had been talking about before.

Even then, I still tried to find some other reasons that could justify their preference:  Probably I thought that they would want to know the other side of the coin, so to say. To know who Deaf people are and probably to know if what they are learning would apply, and eventually, probably decide to learn sign language because it is true that most persons with autism are non-verbal and basic sign language would be of use to facilitate communication. “Acting as if they [children with autism] are Deaf” is one of the symptoms of autism anyway so entering the world of the Deaf should be of real interest afterall. I just hope that when they enter the viewing room, students would also leave behind the fact that they are students of speech pathology. Their minds should be open, and be like sponges to absorb all the knowledge that they can possibly learn from the members of the Deaf community themselves. They will be learning something different because it is about a unique group of wonderful people.

Last night, Liw Caldito, SEADC Founder sent this email—

Here is poster on Silent Odyssey to be shown at the UP-Manila CAMP for the benefit of the Deaf… Prices are 80pesos for students and 150 for professionals. Tickets will be sold at the gate.

Proceeds of the film will go to:
Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children or SEADC
sponsored by The Collegiate Association of Speech Pathologists, UP


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