Press work pa rin at CIP

November 14, 2009

Press work of Collection Building: Filipiniana continues!

Rushing on the blueprint to get to the printer by Tuesday so that by the time I go to Baguio City for the screening on Thursday Nov. 19, of my docu Silent O, in celebration of Deaf Awareness Week, something will simultaneously happen…Hope I succeed in meeting my target deadline. Got back today, the blueprint from Nestor de Guzman, book’s copy editor but I have yet to give it to a friend for another “look.” Had printing experiences in the past– with regards the difficulty of being perfectly free from errors despite so “many eyes” that perused on it, most especially if there are many historical notes. So as to minimize that, with the hope as always that everything will be all right, and the book will be error-free, I ask those who are in no way involved in the project to read the third time as they usually look with fresh eyes.

I already got the CIP* (Cataloging-in-publication) from the National Library of the Philippines and as I’ve earlier posted, I’ll be placing here as well the book’s table of contents to give librarians some idea as to the book’s actual content. The book will be ready earliest by mid-December, latest first week of January 2010. That’s the target!

* Cataloging-in-publication (CIP) is a voluntary program of cooperation between the National Library and the publishers that allows the cataloging of Filipiniana books prior to publication.

Click below to see the table of contents and the CIP data:

Table of Contents_Ani IV

To know why CIP is important, click below



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