Collection Building_Filipiniana

November 2, 2009

I have stopped working on my film on the CPs again to concentrate on finishing, this time, the 300-page book publication on development and building of Filipiniana collection—being targeted to be in the printing house this week. This will be the fourth volume of my brother’s writings, the latest to come out. His book series is called “Mga Ani ni Gani,” five-in-all when published. A promise I must accomplish…

This book is all about Filipiniana, most useful not only to  Filipino librarians but also to historians as it contains lists of historical and manuscript sources available not only in the Philippines but abroad. Thanks to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts for supporting its publication! Below is the cover study by artist-painter Fernando Escora. On the front cover is the picture of my brother, Isagani “Gani” R. Medina at work in the Filipiniana Section of the UP Main Library in Gonzalez Hall, circa late 60s. The design atop is part of the cover of Leon-Pinelo’s “Epitome.” On the back cover are blurbs about the book written by Prof. Salvacion M. Arlante, University Librarian, UP; Prof. Rosa A. Vallejo, former dean of the UP Institute of Library Science, and historian Dr. Malou T. Camagay, currently the UP Press Director.

Cover Design by Fernando Escora


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