Ms. Gigi Ruiz_in “A Blind Architect”_Touched a Human Rights Lawyer

September 7, 2009

Last August 26 I met for the first time Atty. Chato Olivas-Gallo, a UP College of Law professor, after the forum on sign language, “Wikang Senyas…” through a friend, Liw Caldito, founder of Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children Inc. (SEADC). Atty. Chato told me that she had seen my short docu, “A Blind Architect” produced by APCD Foundation and JICA, and the film touched her so much she wants to specialize on laws concerning persons with disability, presumably BP344 or the Philippine Accessibility Law. Of the film, she says:

“One of the things that has really really touched me recently is this DVD [she is holding the DVD while being interviewed on cam] about the blind architect kasi I didn’t know about the situation of the disabled people, how some laws maybe so beautiful and yet the implementation…‘if there is partial compliance, there is no compliance at all.’ * I heard this statement in this DVD [A] Blind Architect and it really touched me and for that reason, it’s in my heart to specialize in Disability Laws here in the Philippines, especially for the Deaf and for those who are physically disabled, and perhaps someday for those who face other disabilities. So, I thank you for initiating and suggesting the idea of this and I think everybody should see this for personal awareness…

*Partial Compliance is No Compliance at All” is a statement made in the film, “A Blind Architect: The Vision Towards Non-Handicapping Environment” by Ms. Geraldine “Gigi” Ruiz, National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) Executive Director. I must say that her personal testimony and her demonstration on how difficult it is for them to function when the Accessibility Law is not fully implemented is really an outright insult and violation of their human rights. It is the most poignant part of the film and the one that has touched me the most especially during the shoot.


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