Dreaming of Ninoy Aquino and Tita Cory

August 22, 2009

Some offbeat notes—

Last night, I dreamed of former Philippine president Tita Cory and her martyred husband Ninoy Aquino… I dreamed of them but didn’t see them. Only highly felt their spirits. I dreamed of doors opening without sound, mild breeze fanning curtains in slow motion, her children sans Kris, and her grandsons in close ups. They all had happy smiles and were quite in good moods…

My dream was cut short by loud thunder sounds. I woke up wondering why I dreamed of them. Then I thought that probably because it was Ninoy’s day yesterday. And that the images of years gone by of his sacrifices that I saw, again reminded me of this courageous and charismatic leader. In fact, even if I am an apolitical person, I once upon a time hoped and dreamed that Ninoy would become our president during his time…that truly nationalist leaders as before would again lead us, not betray us.


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