August 8, 2009

Something strange happened this afternoon. When I entered my room which used to be occupied by my brother, Dr. Isagani R. Medina, I heard some weird mechanical sound that I could not identify. I called Manang to ask if she could hear it too so that she could help me find whatever that thing was. She said she could not hear anything. I went out of our house to check whether some machine was being operated on the other side of the wall. There was none.

I returned to attentively listen to the sound. Following the direction of its source, it led me to a book rack. I pulled out some books and there I found an old still camera which had been kept for years producing the non-stop rewinding sound. That Canon camera was owned by my brother. I opened it with the inteCAM old3ntion of stopping the sound. I found a spool of 35mm film for color prints but it is already rewinded. I tapped it. Shook it. The sound continued. I tried to look for the batteries but could not find them. I could not make out what was happening. Even if batteries used to run it, they should be leaking by now because the camera had not been used for years. The nagging sound continued. It was only after I said that: “Siguro nandito si Sir (my deceased brother) ngayon” that the  sound stopped on its own..and that was after some five minutes nang pagkatanga dahil hindi ko malaman ang gagawin.

I could but only attribute that to my brother, who else? It is highly impossible that a long-time “dead” camera would work on its own. Afterall, I had already experienced seeing a spatula moving like a pendulum in our kitchen in the midst of the night within the 40 days of my brother’s death. And that I attributed to him… My first experience with something I only used to read about. He passed away 5 years ago but I tend to believe that he is still watching over me especially since yesterday I was having fever.

You may or may not believe me. It doesn’t matter. I just want to say that this is not a ghost story. This is reality. I am not scared…I acknowledge the “paramdam.” I know that soon I will be up and running to work on his book again.


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