August 8, 2009

As I’ve written in my previous postings, my very fear of fainting in a crowd again nearly happened. I went to supposedly attend yesterday afternoon the Funeral March for the National Artists at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Kuya Romy Vitug saw me at the corner of Roxas Blvd. about to cross the street to go to the assembly place. I just joined him as he parked his van and we went together to join the people. From a distance, I saw a few people I know like  Jimbo Albano, Edru Abraham and Mae Paner aka Juana Change; met others like Rochit Tañedo, Nap Jamir, Roswill Hilario… It was a group driven by the same aim to protect the integrity of the award. Proclaimed National Artists were present: Sionil Jose, Bien Lumbera, Salvador  Bernal, Napoleon Abueva, BenCab… I managed to shoot some footages from the beginning of the program. However as I cover the speech of Juana Change, I started feeling dizzy midway. Felt like vomiting as well. I was forced to stop shooting and just sat down, closed my eyes. I was floating, literally with my feet off the ground was how I felt. When I opened my eyes, I just saw blurred images of the crowd. I felt like swaying in the air. I later moved away from the crowd when I felt a little composed and sat down alone at the midway ramp. The breeze helped put me back to my senses. But I decided not to risk and make a scene by fainting right where the happening was. I just went home. Until now, the weak feeling is there…even fever sets in. I initially thought that what would drive me home was LBM, which I was suffering from since early yesterday morning. But I was wrong to think that the comparatively lesser number of people there compared with the crowd the day I ventured join to see Tita Cory’s funeral would spare me from fainting. I wasn’t able to see the whole program*. Sayang talaga!


* It is August 24. Today, I found in my inbox the coverage of the Funeral March for the National Artists. Courtesy of pinoy weekly.org, please click below to watch the protest rally:



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