Salute to Special Parents

January 15, 2009

What is truly special being with special people and special parents is feeling the warmth of their big, special hearts, their special being, their unconditional love and compassion for their children. As per my experience in mingling with special families for the past six years now from the time I worked on Alyana, I can say that they are a great group of deeply-loving people whose characters have been strengthened by big Faith in God. Coping up with the challenges and conditions of having special children is such a heavy responsibility and overcoming them is quite a triumph and feat to these parents.

I am privileged to have met a lot of real angels to their children from the Autism Society Philippines. And I luckily met more just recently from the Parent’s Mobilization Action Group (PMAG) of Tagum and Davao cities. If their care and concern to their special child continuously rub off on to the majority, if not all of our people, then a better world, not perfectly heavenly of course is possible.

The Autism Society Philippines celebrates its 20th year this 2009 and the 13th Autism Consciousness Week starting this Sunday, January 18. May its vision-mission continues to be fulfilled by committed, loving and exceptional parents with the help of equally exceptional family members, multi-disciplinary team, health/allied personnel, volunteers and partners! Long Live the Autism Society Philippines!

For the week-long activity schedule in connection with the 13th Autism Consciousness Week 2009, please click below

13th National Autism Week Celebration


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