January 11, 2009


“Yuta: Earthworks by Julie Lluch”
was Julie’s retrospective exhibition of terra cotta works spanning 30 years. It was held at the Cultural Center from October to December 2008. “Better late than never” they say. So no matter how late I am, I have  uploaded my photo files just the same to share with you and hopefully enjoy. You won’t regret if you do. That’s guaranteed! (Click on “Yuta Fotos” under the page “Film Show Respite” on the right column)

Attending exhibits is one of those rare activities that I do in between film documentation work. Anyhow, it turned out to be a documentation just the same as I took snap shots of her works that were exhibited there.

I first met Julie about a couple of years ago one April evening in the house of UP Film Center Founder-Director Virginia R. Moreno located at Malvar St., Malate, Manila. It was Aling Barang’s birthday. Her grand celebration wasn’t held on that day. But still April 24 was her day and a handful of us—maybe not more than five—paid her a visit. It was a very simple and cozy gathering. I have footages shot on that day.

Julie’s exhibit was very successful. Her interpretations were superb and awesome. Her dexterity on the use of clay displayed great control of the medium. She managefriedad to get the essence of all her subjects, especially that of Van Gogh, Picasso and Frieda Kahlo!!! Also the literary artists Jose Villa Panganiban, Nick Joaquin, Adrian Cristobal, etc. I do not know her subjects personally but many were popular and literary celebrities so they all seemed familiar.  I had a great time shooting at the exhibitmodel-and-modeled especially when I chanced upon the actual models standing or posing by their sculpted images.

Julie is well-known to be a prolific artist but it was just my first time to attend her exhibit. Well, probably because I got a personal invitation from her. That made a whole lot of difference I guess. There was no feeling that I was gate crashing.

With Alma and Aureus

With Alma Quinto (L) and Aureus Solito (Ctr)

During the exhibit, I met a few artist-friends, among them Alma Quinto,  Aureus Solito, director of “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros,” and Rembrant Vocalan, one of the cameramen of my first historical docu (Tiga-Isla) whom I later came to know was the exhibit’s photographer. However, both Julie and I wondered why Aling Barang failed to come anyway. Or, was VRM late??? (I left CCP early…)

All the photos that I took were shot using available lights. I only used my video camera’s digital photo shot to record. No enhancement was made to any of the photos.

For more re her exhibit click
Julie Lluch’s ‘Yuta’: A retrospective


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