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Visit to the UST Archives

July 25, 2014
UST Bldg2

The Archives is located in the Library Building which can be found near the Dapitan Gate

Went to UST Archives today to research for more materials on Apolinario Mabini for our video docu on Mabini. It was my first time to go to their new office. The last time I went to the Archives was when I and my brother Prof. Isagani R. Medina were looking for the transcript of records of Dr. Pio Valenzuela and Severino de las Alas for inclusion in his book, “Ilang Talata nang Paghihimagsik.” That was more than 10 years ago.

With Professor Regalado Jose, brother of Rico

With Professor Regalado Jose, brother of Rico

I met Prof. Regalado Jose, its archivist. He quite resembles his brother Rico, former Chairman of UP Department of History. Parehong malumanay pati magsalita.

Am now studying reading Fr. Fidel Villaroel’s article on Mabini…


Apolinario Mabini_Pule for Short

July 18, 2014

Currently preparing for Project Mabini in celebration of his 150th birth anniversary this year in partnership with DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. Will feature the school’s playgroup, Silent Steps led by Myra Medrana. Multimedia students of CSB-SDA are joining us. Target is September although Mabini’s birthday will already be celebrated next week.

Started with my research … been to Mabini Shrine PUP in Sta. Mesa, my first time to set foot in that school. I need to return to the National Library to see the rest of Mabini materials found in the Philippine Insurgent Records, and visit the Mabini Shrine in Tanauan, Batangas. Contacted a credible historian as consultant for the film.


Mabini Shrine inside the campus of PUP in Sta. Mesa.


While researching and reading more about Mabini, I have come to appreciate his role in Philippine history better. Kapita-pitagan! Kahanga-hanga! The SUBLIME PARALYTIC, they call him. Belonging to a peasant family, he went through college, and finished law on his own. He worked to support his studies. Not only PWDs should look up to him as an inspiration. All Filipinos, especially our corrupt leaders should emulate Apolinario Mabini; they should live with Mabini’s revolutionary thoughts and ideas in their hearts. They are the ones paralyzing our country by stealing the people’s money. Mabini and the real patriots were not paid as handsomely as the GOCC heads now. They lived poorly. Many were sent on exile. Good that there used to be the P10 bill carrying his image that reminded us of Mabini. Recently, even that has been pulled out from circulation.

Will be highlighting Mabini’s True Decalogue / Ang 10 Utos in our project. Erring politicians should be given copies to memorize and apply them in their lives. Dahil sila ay Kahiya-hiya! Kasuka-suka ang ginagawa. Bulsa muna bago ang bayan! Whereas Mabini repeatedly stressed on loving and serving the Country first, after God that is! Forget Self if you may! For if God is in their hearts, honesty and transparency will automatically be their course of action.


Farewell to a Corregidorian

May 18, 2014

My eldest brother, Virgilio R. Medina, Sr., retired Manila policeman died day before yesterday on the same day my youngest brother, Senen was operated on because of very low blood pressure caused by blood clots and water around his heart. He has been confined since May 8 at the ICU of the Heart Center in Quezon City. We transferred him from a Laguna hospital because of lack of facilities. Another family member has undergone a heart bypass operation on the same day.

My eldest brother was one of my three siblings featured in TIGA-ISLA, my first historical documentary on prewar Corregidor. He was one of my primary sources of information along with my eldest sister, Dr. Ligaya M. Miranda, second president of Metro Manila College in Novaliches, Q.C., and Dr. Isagani R. Medina, professor emeritus of the UP Department of History. The latter was a colleague of Prof. Teodoro Agoncillo, Dr. Bernardita Churchill and Dr. Samuel Tan. All three of them were born in Corregidor.

By now, I do not know how many Corregidorians are still around.


STRUCTURING FOR SUCCESS: Autism, Behavior, & Unique Learning Styles

May 6, 2014
Structuring for SUCCESS

An Invitation to a Training Workshop by Marlou de Vera

Ms. Landa A. Bautista, M.A.Ed., Executive Director of The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC) invites you to “STRUCTURING FOR SUCCESS: Autism, Behavior, & Unique Learning Styles”, a Training-Workshop by Marlou De Vera. The workshop will be held on July 18 and 19, 2014 from 8 am – 4 pm at Assumption College in Makati City in celebration of the Disability Month.


“Structuring for Success” is a two-day training-workshop that aims to provide valuable information, visual strategies, and tools to address behavior and unique learning styles of students with autism and other challenges at home and in school. Day 1 will focus on Home Training while Day 2 will focus on School Training. The training-workshop will emphasize solution-oriented strategies as parents, professionals, and related support personnel lay the groundwork toward success for these individuals. More importantly, it will provide hands-on experience in creating meaningful and individualized visual structure and implementing structured tools to facilitate skills in different developmental areas. The ultimate goal is to identify behaviors, utilize appropriate visual strategies, and pave the way for the individual with special needs to thrive, not just survive!


Marlou de Vera currently works as an Exceptional Children’s Curriculum Specialist for elementary schools in the public school system in Asheville, North Carolina.  She has over 20 years of experience in working with individuals with special needs as a special education teacher, educational consultant, job coach, and Program Director in North Carolina, as well as in the Philippines. Marlou has a graduate degree in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of the Philippines. Best of all, Marlou is a proud mom of a young adult with autism who enjoys drawing and currently works at Chili’s Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina.

FEES (inclusive of handouts and a booklet of ready to use visuals; exclusive of lunch)

* Note: ALL participants must pre-register to attend the training-workshop. Walk-in participants will not be accepted.

TO REGISTER, please visit

TO INQUIRE, please contact:

• The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC) c/o Ms. Landa Bautista, M.A.Ed. at (632) 828-4918

This project by the Assumption College Psychology Department is for the benefit of The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC)’s Financial Assistance Program for special needs students from low income families.


“Flo”_ Blind Photographer

April 29, 2014

Friend Janus Victoria sent me the link to a video about FLO FOX, an inspiring blind photographer.

The 10-minute documentary explores the life and work of photographer Flo Fox, who, despite blindness, multiple sclerosis, and lung cancer, continues to shoot the streets of New York City. No longer able to hold a camera, she instructs her aides to take photos for her. She’s an incredible woman with a feisty spirit, sharp wit, and dirty sense of humor.

She must be suffering from low vision now, not total blindness since she chooses the angle and instructs her aide on the image sizes. She runs her wheelchair alone and crosses the streets of New York… her photos are wonderful!!!


An Evening with Virginia R. Moreno, Poet-Playwright

April 27, 2014

My Humanities Professor, poet and playwright Ms. Virgie Moreno, co-founder of the UP Film Center celebrated her birthday yesterday. It was held in the house of Pitoy Moreno, Aling Barang’s brother. She was born on the 24th though. A few close friends and members of her family attended. Only Placid and I, from the original staff of the UP Film Center were present. Met cinematographer Kuya Romy Vitug, writer Corito Llamas, President and descendant of Teresita Reyes of the famed “Mama Sita’s,” Ms. Clarita Kalayaan R. Lapus, Celestial, Jimmy Cruz, and Dr. Suzette, also a former student of Ms. Moreno.

Quite an enjoyable and cozy evening with our esteemed and dear “Aling Barang” who was responsible for sending me to the Film and Television Institute of India to study film making. She recruited me then as researcher of the UP Film Center.

VRM Bday

Group Photo with Aling Barang [seated]. [R to L]: Jimmy, Celestial, MM, Dr. Suzette, Corito, Elaine, Placid, Mr. Reyes…

VRM Bday_selfie

Selfie on the mirror of Pitoy Moreno. Photos of Pitoy with his guests are displayed on the table.


Manny Pacquiao_One Black Saturday On the Way to Zambales

April 27, 2014

A few days back during the Holy Week, on our way to Zambales, we saw Manny Pacquiao
Not in person though. Kundi isang HIGANTE!!!

Pacquiao Gigante

Said to have started during the Spanish regime, “higantes was influenced by the Mexican art form of paper-mache brought by the Spanish priests to the Philippines. The body of the traditional higante are made of bamboo and colorful cloth and its faces of paper mache.” [Source: Wikipedia] The Higantes Festival was the idea of Angono, Rizal artist Perdigon Vocalan. He was the father of Rembrandt, my former student at the UP Film Center and videographer for several of my advocacy projects.

Pacquiao Gigante2

That’s MANNY PACQUIAO, ang Pambansang Kamao. However, as “higante” you won’t be able to see his deadly fists. Higantes are made of paper mache, bamboo and colorful cloth. Recently, iron wires are being used.


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